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  • A central Kentucky native, I am dividing my time between family, travel, art and genealogy.

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Name? Donna B Miller

Where do you live? Does this have any influence on your work?
I live in Central Kentucky, home of bourbon and thoroughbred horses. It’s the kind of place where strangers wave at each other as they pass, and that openness may be reflected in my work.

I’ve been married to my best friend for more than 30 years. We have 2 children and one grandchild.

Design history?
I’ve always loved arts and crafts, doing everything from oil painting to macramé to candle making. Professionally, I was a writer/editor/designer in the utility industry for 25 years. When I left my job, I turned to paper arts and crafts to keep me busy, but I hated the mess. Then I read about digital art and digital scrapbooking, and I knew it was a way to use the graphic design skills I already had in a more creative way.

What interests you the most about digital art? What drives you to create?
I am fascinated by the idea that we can use one tool (the computer) to create work that is the visual equivalent of that created by painters, collage artists, and darkroom experts. As an art student, I was often frustrated by my inability to put on paper the images that were in my head. Now, that I’m no longer hostage to a paintbrush or a piece of charcoal. I can see those visions become reality.

Who are your favorite designers and artistic influences?
True story: As a kid, I would sit with the Encyclopedia (volume P) and browse through paintings and portraits for hours. Because of that, I was exposed to many of the classic painters at an early age. The Impressionists are my favorites. Because of their influence, I use a lot of blending and watercolor washes in my work.

What software and techie gadgets do you like to employ in your work?
I do almost everything in Photoshop. My favorite tool is my Canon Digital Rebel.


digital art, scrapbooking, collecting Kentucky cookbooks, genealogy